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Photo Exhibition "Ro-ots."


Curation, Art Direction, Graphic Design




「Get back to the roots(原点回帰)」と「20 to 0」をコンセプトとした写真展を名古屋で開催。



Photo Exhibition “Ro-ots.”

Two photographers of 20 years old and I made plans for photo exhibition “Ro-ots.” in Nagoya, scheduled for Sep 4-9, 2017. And it had a special unplugged concert on Sep 8th. All guests of that are ordinally photographed by them. "Ro-ots." has two concepts "Get back to the roots" and "20 to 0" All photos are without captions. You feel that it is important to face each photo and feel its beauty without preconceptions.

Ro-ots. 公式グッズ


20歳のモデルを起用し、20歳独特の大人らしさと子どもらしさが入り交ざる 「20歳らしさ」をテーマに撮影した。

Ro-ots. Official Goods

I produced goods; T-shirts, Totebag and ZINE. Photo theme: be like 20 years old -adult & young- We put in two models of 20 yesrs old to photograph.



ZINE & Photo

Book I published 2 books; ZINE for sale and Photo book for display. For photo of ZINE, I requested them to photograph their roots. For photo book, I collected their works.

Curation : Shinji Yamamoto

Creative team : natsumi, sugiura mahiro, Shinji Yamamoto

Photograph : natsumi, sugiura mahiro

Direction, Design : Shinji Yamamoto

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